One Round Wonder

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This table shows every score, for every player during the course of the current game.

You can use the search facility to find a specific player and order any column you like by clicking on the column heading. You can quickly remove any ordering or filtering by refreshing the page.
1Jeremy Wise615
2Scott Valenti114
3Martin Hayman1014
4Keith West313
5Darren Bellamy*613
David Mason*613
7Gary Alcroft1013
8Keith West1313
9Gareth Bridges*212
10Gareth Bridges*912
11Lloyd Hide1012
12Shaun Allen1312
Cynthia West1312
Ian Hodgson1712
15Craig Ellis*111
Darren Bellamy*111
Ian Hodgson111
18Jeremy Wise311
Martin Magookin*311
20Martin Hayman611
Martin Magookin*611
Scott Symonds*611
23Craig Ellis*811
24Matt Carter1011
25Gary Alcroft1111
26Craig Ellis*1311
Mike Hodgson****1311
28David Mason*1511
Jamie Cox1511
Keith West1511
Martin Gayton1511
32Shaun Allen1611
33Steve Keay110
Miles Chapman110
35Cynthia West210
Jeremy Wise210
37Martin Gayton310
38Miles Chapman410
39Mike Hodgson****510
Alex Bridges510
Cynthia West510
David Mason*510
Gary Alcroft510
Martin Magookin*510
45Jason Brown610
Ian Hodgson610
Simon Allen***610
48Gary Alcroft810
Scott Valenti810
50Matt Carter910
51Darren Bellamy*1010
Jamie Cox1010
John Bond1010
Marcus Allen1010
55Jeremy Wise1310
Mark Vincent1310
Martin Hayman1310
Simon Allen***1310
59Ian Hodgson1510
60Mark Vincent1610
Miles Chapman1610
Jamie Cox1710
Martin Hayman1710
Scott Symonds*1710
65Alex Bridges19
Keith West19
Lloyd Hide19
Martin Hayman19
Mike Hodgson****19
Shaun Allen19
71Ian Hodgson29
72Ben Alcroft39
Gareth Bridges*39
Lloyd Hide39
Miles Chapman39
Simon Allen***39
Jamie Cox39
78Gary Alcroft49
79Craig Ellis*59
Gareth Bridges*59
Matt Carter59
Neale Ray59
83Mark Vincent69
Cynthia West69
Gary Alcroft69
Keith West69
John Bond69
88David Mason*89
Miles Chapman89
Steve Keay89
91Gary Alcroft99
92Alex Bridges109
David Mason*109
Gareth Bridges*109
Scott Valenti109
Keith West109
97Scott Symonds*139
David Mason*139
99Neale Ray149
100Miles Chapman159
101Alex Bridges169
Ben Alcroft169
Jeremy Wise169
Scott Valenti169
Martin Hayman169
Craig Ellis*179
Lloyd Hide179
Mike Hodgson****179
Jeremy Wise179
110Cynthia West18
Gareth Bridges*18
Matt Carter18
Simon Allen***18
114Alex Bridges28
Miles Chapman28
116Jason Brown58
Martin Gayton58
Martin Hayman58
119Craig Ellis*68
Gareth Bridges*68
Lloyd Hide68
Marcus Allen68
Mike Hodgson****68
Matt Carter68
125Gareth Bridges*88
Ian Hodgson88
Jeremy Wise88
Lloyd Hide88
Matt Carter88
Simon Allen***88
131Shaun Allen98
132Ben Alcroft108
Jeremy Wise108
Martin Magookin*108
Miles Chapman108
Scott Symonds*108
Steve Keay108
138Ben Alcroft138
Gareth Bridges*138
Jason Brown138
John Bond138
Neale Ray138
143Matt Carter148
Steve Keay148
145Scott Valenti158
Steve Keay158
147David Mason*168
Gareth Bridges*168
Gary Alcroft168
Miles Chapman178
Martin Gayton178
152Ben Alcroft17
John Bond17
Martin Gayton17
155Lloyd Hide27
Keith West27
157John Bond37
Martin Hayman37
Matt Carter37
Steve Keay37
161Mark Vincent47
John Bond47
Marcus Allen47
164Ian Hodgson57
Simon Allen***57
Darren Bellamy*57
Jamie Cox57
168Steve Keay67
Martin Gayton67
170Ian Hodgson77
171Darren Bellamy*87
Jamie Cox87
John Bond87
Martin Gayton87
175Darren Bellamy*97
David Mason*97
Martin Gayton97
Scott Symonds*97
Simon Allen***97
180Craig Ellis*107
Martin Gayton107
Mike Hodgson****107
Shaun Allen107
Simon Allen***107
185Matt Carter117
Miles Chapman117
187Alex Bridges137
Darren Bellamy*137
Ian Hodgson137
Jamie Cox137
Martin Gayton137
Miles Chapman137
193Ben Alcroft147
194Craig Ellis*157
John Bond157
Martin Magookin*157
Neale Ray157
198Craig Ellis*167
Keith West167
Matt Carter167
Simon Allen***167
Alex Bridges177
Ben Alcroft177
Marcus Allen177
Mark Vincent177
Scott Valenti177
207Jason Brown16
Marcus Allen16
Scott Symonds*16
210Shaun Allen26
David Mason*26
Martin Gayton26
213Ian Hodgson36
Mark Vincent36
Scott Symonds*36
216Alex Bridges46
Ben Alcroft46
Jason Brown46
Matt Carter46
220Ben Alcroft56
Keith West56
Mark Vincent56
Miles Chapman56
Scott Symonds*56
Shaun Allen56
226Alex Bridges66
Ben Alcroft66
Jamie Cox66
Miles Chapman66
Scott Valenti66
231Jamie Cox76
232Martin Magookin*86
Mike Hodgson****86
234Alex Bridges96
Keith West96
Neale Ray96
237Neale Ray106
238Alex Bridges116
Craig Ellis*116
Lloyd Hide116
241Matt Carter136
242Cynthia West146
Mark Vincent146
Martin Hayman146
245Gareth Bridges*156
Gary Alcroft156
Shaun Allen156
Marcus Allen156
Mark Vincent156
Scott Symonds*156
Simon Allen***156
252Martin Gayton166
Gareth Bridges*176
Gary Alcroft176
Shaun Allen176
Cynthia West176
257Gary Alcroft15
Jamie Cox15
Jeremy Wise15
Mark Vincent15
Neale Ray15
262Darren Bellamy*25
John Bond25
Mark Vincent25
Martin Magookin*25
Neale Ray25
267Alex Bridges35
Cynthia West35
Craig Ellis*35
David Mason*35
Marcus Allen35
272Craig Ellis*45
Cynthia West45
Martin Gayton45
Neale Ray45
David Mason*45
Keith West45
Martin Magookin*45
279Steve Keay55
Jeremy Wise55
John Bond55
Lloyd Hide55
Marcus Allen55
Scott Valenti55
285Shaun Allen65
286Steve Keay75
287Ben Alcroft85
Keith West85
Marcus Allen85
Martin Hayman85
Neale Ray85
Scott Symonds*85
Shaun Allen85
294Jamie Cox95
Marcus Allen95
Martin Magookin*95
Scott Valenti95
Ben Alcroft95
Miles Chapman95
300Scott Valenti115
Shaun Allen115
John Bond115
Martin Magookin*115
304Gary Alcroft135
Scott Valenti135
306Jeremy Wise145
Lloyd Hide145
Scott Symonds*145
309Alex Bridges155
Ben Alcroft155
Jeremy Wise155
Martin Hayman155
Matt Carter155
Mike Hodgson****155
315Neale Ray165
John Bond175
Matt Carter175
Neale Ray175
Simon Allen***175
Steve Keay175
321David Mason*14
Martin Magookin*14
323Ben Alcroft24
Matt Carter24
325Jason Brown34
Darren Bellamy*34
Scott Valenti34
328Lloyd Hide44
Scott Valenti44
Darren Bellamy*44
Ian Hodgson44
Mike Hodgson****44
Steve Keay44
334Neale Ray64
335Ben Alcroft74
Lloyd Hide74
Marcus Allen74
Neale Ray74
Scott Valenti74
Craig Ellis*74
341Alex Bridges84
Cynthia West84
Jason Brown84
344Craig Ellis*94
Mark Vincent94
Steve Keay94
347Ian Hodgson104
Mark Vincent104
349Ben Alcroft114
Darren Bellamy*114
David Mason*114
Gareth Bridges*114
Keith West114
Neale Ray114
Scott Symonds*114
Steve Keay114
357Martin Magookin*134
358Ian Hodgson144
Martin Magookin*144
360Scott Symonds*164
Cynthia West164
Ian Hodgson164
Jamie Cox164
Mike Hodgson****164
Steve Keay164
David Mason*174
Keith West174
368Scott Symonds*23
Jamie Cox23
Marcus Allen23
Martin Hayman23
Scott Valenti23
Simon Allen***23
374Gary Alcroft33
Mike Hodgson****33
Neale Ray33
Shaun Allen33
378Gareth Bridges*43
Jamie Cox43
Jeremy Wise43
381Darren Bellamy*73
Gareth Bridges*73
John Bond73
Mark Vincent73
385Mark Vincent83
386Ian Hodgson93
Jason Brown93
Jeremy Wise93
John Bond93
Lloyd Hide93
Mike Hodgson****93
392Cynthia West103
393Cynthia West113
Ian Hodgson113
Jamie Cox113
Jason Brown113
Jeremy Wise113
Marcus Allen113
Mark Vincent113
Martin Hayman113
Simon Allen***113
402Marcus Allen133
Steve Keay133
404Craig Ellis*143
Darren Bellamy*143
Gary Alcroft143
Jamie Cox143
Keith West143
Marcus Allen143
Martin Gayton143
Miles Chapman143
Scott Valenti143
Shaun Allen143
Simon Allen***143
415Cynthia West153
416Jason Brown163
Marcus Allen163
Martin Magookin*173
419Steve Keay22
420Scott Symonds*42
Shaun Allen42
Simon Allen***42
423David Mason*72
Jeremy Wise72
Scott Symonds*72
426Cynthia West92
Martin Hayman92
428Martin Gayton112
Mike Hodgson****112
430Alex Bridges142
Gareth Bridges*142
Jason Brown142
John Bond142
Mike Hodgson****142
435Jason Brown152
436John Bond162
Martin Magookin*162
438Gary Alcroft21
Jason Brown21
Mike Hodgson****21
441Martin Hayman41
442Alex Bridges71
Cynthia West71
Jason Brown71
Keith West71
Matt Carter71
Mike Hodgson****71
Miles Chapman71
449Jason Brown101
450Lloyd Hide131
451David Mason*141
452Craig Ellis*20
453Gary Alcroft70
Martin Gayton70
Martin Hayman70
Martin Magookin*70
Shaun Allen70
Simon Allen***70
459Darren Bellamy*150
Lloyd Hide150
461Darren Bellamy*160
Lloyd Hide160
Darren Bellamy*170
Jason Brown170

One-Round-Wonder Notes

In the event that two or more players are level at the top of the table, the player who achieved the score first i.e. in the earliest Round, will take precedence.

If at the end of the Game the top two (or more) players have the same score and achieved it in the same Round, the One-Round-Wonder prize will be shared equally.