One Round Wonder

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This table shows every score, for every player during the course of the current game.

You can use the search facility to find a specific player and order any column you like by clicking on the column heading. You can quickly remove any ordering or filtering by refreshing the page.
1Cynthia West714
Martin Magookin714
Steve Keay714
4Marcus Allen413
5Alex Bridges713
David Mason*713
Gareth Bridges*713
Paul Marsden713
9Simon Allen***1113
10Gareth Bridges*212
11Darren Bellamy*412
David Mason*412
13Simon Allen***712
14Mark Vincent912
Mike Hodgson****912
16Gareth Bridges*1012
Ian Hodgson1012
Mike Hodgson****1012
Neale Ray1012
20Martin Gayton1112
Martin Magookin1112
22Martin Hayman111
23Marcus Allen211
24Jason Brown411
Lloyd Hide411
Gareth Bridges*411
27Lloyd Hide511
28Chris Eastment611
Martin Hayman611
30Neale Ray711
Jason Brown711
John Bond711
Mike Hodgson****711
Scott Valenti711
Darren Bellamy*711
36Scott Valenti811
37Shaun Allen1011
Paul Marsden1011
39Lloyd Hide110
Cynthia West110
41Martin Magookin310
42Craig Ellis*410
43Gary Alcroft510
44Shaun Allen610
45Lloyd Hide710
Martin Hayman710
47Chris Eastment910
Craig Ellis*910
David Mason*910
50John Bond1010
Marcus Allen1010
52Miles Chapman1110
53Mark Vincent19
Gareth Bridges*19
Marcus Allen19
56Ben Alcroft29
Cynthia West29
David Mason*29
Jamie Cox29
Miles Chapman29
61Martin Hayman39
Shaun Allen39
63Alex Bridges49
Cynthia West49
Gary Alcroft49
Martin Hayman49
Miles Chapman49
Scott Symonds*49
Shaun Allen49
Simon Allen***49
71Jamie Cox59
72Craig Ellis*79
Miles Chapman79
Ian Hodgson79
Jamie Cox79
Keith West79
Shaun Allen79
78Martin Magookin89
79Ben Alcroft99
Gareth Bridges*99
Keith West99
82Martin Hayman109
Lloyd Hide109
84Lloyd Hide119
Neale Ray119
86Paul Marsden18
87Martin Gayton28
Neale Ray28
Shaun Allen28
Darren Bellamy*28
Lloyd Hide28
92David Mason*38
Miles Chapman38
Scott Valenti38
Martin Gayton38
96Ian Hodgson48
Martin Gayton48
98Mark Vincent58
Martin Magookin58
Mike Hodgson****58
Paul Marsden58
102Matt Carter78
103Steve Keay88
104Marcus Allen98
105Jason Brown108
Simon Allen***108
Cynthia West108
Darren Bellamy*108
Mark Vincent108
Martin Magookin108
111Darren Bellamy*118
Gary Alcroft118
John Bond118
Shaun Allen118
115Craig Ellis*17
Keith West17
Martin Gayton17
Scott Valenti17
Ben Alcroft17
Mike Hodgson****17
Simon Allen***17
Steve Keay17
123Gary Alcroft27
Martin Hayman27
125Matt Carter37
Jason Brown37
Mark Vincent37
128Neale Ray57
Ben Alcroft57
Chris Eastment57
David Mason*57
Ian Hodgson57
John Bond57
Martin Hayman57
135Marcus Allen67
Steve Keay67
137Mark Vincent77
Martin Gayton77
139Jamie Cox87
Martin Hayman87
Miles Chapman87
Simon Allen***87
143Miles Chapman97
Alex Bridges97
Ian Hodgson97
Jason Brown97
Lloyd Hide97
Martin Hayman97
Martin Magookin97
Matt Carter97
Neale Ray97
Simon Allen***97
153Alex Bridges107
154Gareth Bridges*117
Jason Brown117
Martin Hayman117
Matt Carter117
Ben Alcroft117
159John Bond16
Miles Chapman16
Scott Symonds*16
David Mason*16
Jason Brown16
164Scott Symonds*26
165Chris Eastment36
John Bond36
Keith West36
Marcus Allen36
Paul Marsden36
Scott Symonds*36
171Ben Alcroft46
John Bond46
Mike Hodgson****46
Paul Marsden46
Steve Keay46
176Gareth Bridges*56
Scott Valenti56
Shaun Allen56
Steve Keay56
180Alex Bridges66
Ben Alcroft66
Craig Ellis*66
Cynthia West66
Jamie Cox66
John Bond66
Martin Gayton66
Simon Allen***66
Gary Alcroft66
Lloyd Hide66
Mark Vincent66
191Chris Eastment76
Scott Symonds*76
193Darren Bellamy*86
Ian Hodgson86
Matt Carter86
Neale Ray86
197Cynthia West96
Martin Gayton96
Shaun Allen96
Steve Keay96
201Jamie Cox106
Martin Gayton106
203David Mason*116
Ian Hodgson116
Mike Hodgson****116
Paul Marsden116
Craig Ellis*116
Scott Symonds*116
209Gary Alcroft15
Ian Hodgson15
Jamie Cox15
Martin Magookin15
Neale Ray15
Shaun Allen15
215Craig Ellis*25
Jason Brown25
Mark Vincent25
Martin Magookin25
Matt Carter25
220Alex Bridges35
Gary Alcroft35
Simon Allen***35
Steve Keay35
224Keith West45
Mark Vincent45
Martin Magookin45
Neale Ray45
228Alex Bridges55
Marcus Allen55
Craig Ellis*55
Martin Gayton55
232Neale Ray65
Jason Brown65
Scott Symonds*65
235Gary Alcroft75
236Jason Brown85
Mark Vincent85
Chris Eastment85
239Paul Marsden95
Gary Alcroft95
241Scott Valenti105
Ben Alcroft105
Chris Eastment105
Craig Ellis*105
Gary Alcroft105
Matt Carter105
247Alex Bridges115
Chris Eastment115
Cynthia West115
Keith West115
Marcus Allen115
Mark Vincent115
253Alex Bridges14
Chris Eastment14
Darren Bellamy*14
Matt Carter14
257Alex Bridges24
Ian Hodgson24
Keith West24
Paul Marsden24
Simon Allen***24
262Darren Bellamy*34
Gareth Bridges*34
Craig Ellis*34
Ian Hodgson34
Lloyd Hide34
Mike Hodgson****34
268Chris Eastment44
269Cynthia West54
270Darren Bellamy*64
Ian Hodgson64
Matt Carter64
Scott Valenti64
274Ben Alcroft74
Marcus Allen74
276Marcus Allen84
Craig Ellis*84
Gareth Bridges*84
Shaun Allen84
280Darren Bellamy*94
John Bond94
Scott Symonds*94
Scott Valenti94
284Steve Keay104
David Mason*104
Miles Chapman104
Scott Symonds*104
288Jamie Cox114
Scott Valenti114
Steve Keay114
291Mike Hodgson****23
Scott Valenti23
Steve Keay23
294Cynthia West33
Jamie Cox33
Neale Ray33
297Jamie Cox43
298Jason Brown53
Keith West53
Miles Chapman53
Scott Symonds*53
Simon Allen***53
303Gareth Bridges*63
Martin Magookin63
Miles Chapman63
Paul Marsden63
307John Bond83
Keith West83
Martin Gayton83
Mike Hodgson****83
Paul Marsden83
Scott Symonds*83
313Keith West103
314John Bond22
315Ben Alcroft32
316Darren Bellamy*52
317David Mason*62
Keith West62
Mike Hodgson****62
320Alex Bridges82
David Mason*82
Gary Alcroft82
Lloyd Hide82
324Jamie Cox92
325Scott Valenti41
326Ben Alcroft81
Cynthia West81
328Chris Eastment20
329Matt Carter40
330Matt Carter50

One-Round-Wonder Notes

In the event that two or more players are level at the top of the table, the player who achieved the score first i.e. in the earliest Round, will take precedence.

If at the end of the Game the top two (or more) players have the same score and achieved it in the same Round, the One-Round-Wonder prize will be shared equally.