Summer Darts League

As a trial and a favour to the Shoulder of Mutton Summer Darts League, we’ve offered a place to show the League Tables on a temporary basis until the league is hopefully able to find a more permanent solution.

Our site may not be as darts friendly as the Wimborne Minster Darts League site, but we’re happy to see you visiting for a bit. While you’re here feel free to take a look around after seeing the league tables below…

If you’re struggling to see all of the columns in the table on a mobile, turn your phone on it’s side (landscape) – that should fix the problem.

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A Section

Alderney Manor10100091991
Wallisdown Lib10613613961
Talbot Rise10505445644
West Moors A10415415941
Wimborne RBL10208326832
Winton Liberal10208316931
Highest Out Shot
144 - S Symonds (WRBL)

7 - C Beattie
5 - T Morris
4 - P Stewart
3 - T Canty, R Smith, S Earley & P Grisedale
2 - D Pearce, M Collins & E White
1 - D Vickers, S Hudson, N Matthias, B Thompson, L Prodger, S Turner, J Damon, R Chenery, S Wyeth, A Willis, T Smith & A White

B Section

Cranborne Club10811663066
Coach & Horses10433524452
Newtown Con10325455545
St Ives Club10316435743
Green Man B100010287228
Claimed Match:
Cranborne 6-0 Coach & Horses

Highest Out Shot
133 - S Hand

6 - C Giles
2 - J Bellman
1 - D Smalley, A Butterworth, M Higgins, D Gibson, S Hand, P Helliker, N Sampson, S Cooper, P Higgins, L Martin, D Hobbs & D Hand

C Section

Rising Sun10901673367
Shoulder C10703653565
Pure Drop10703584258
Ferndown RBL10415445644
Green Man C10118366436
Highest Out Shot
115 - N Middleton

1 - M Sandever, G Moriatis, S Valenti & S Langston

D Section

White Heather10820712971
Dorset Soldier10613544654
Shoulder B10235475347
Shoulder D10136366436
Holme Bush10037326832
Highest Out Shot
128 - M Smith

1 - R Aldsworth, S Dawe, R Upton & A Toms

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